I’ll never know what made me leave a rewarding career as a Speech Language Pathologist to become an entrepreneur! However, I don’t regret one minute of this crazy ride of owning my own business! I earned my professional degrees at Northwestern University, Boston University and Portland State University. None of my degrees has a thing to do with running a pretzel business so I have learned to surround myself with people A LOT smarter than me and it’s working! I am appreciative of all the support I’ve received over the years.


In addition to being an automotive pinstripper, an oil painter, an employee with CarStar, and Marilyn’s “other half”, Mike also cooks the Honey Gla-Zels. These are his baby! Many of us have tried to take it over, but none can match Mike’s abilities. He must add some secret ingredients when Marilyn isn’t looking! They are VERY VERY heavy and difficult to turn once the honey is drizzled and few of us have the upper arm strength Mike does!


Tina has been with Yankee Doodle Deli since November 2012 and we couldn’t function without her! She started in the production end and now does most of the managing of orders and preparations for shipping. Most importantly, she cooks the Spi-Zels and the Bla-Zels! She also helps oversee other interns and temp workers. She is invaluable in many, many ways.


Zack started with us in April 2012 and brings us joy each day. The Point / ARC   placed Zack with us and it’s been a wonderful experience. ( Zack’s memory and attention to detail is amazing. He’s never once been late or called in sick. He’s an incredible employee and we are so fortunate to have him on board.


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