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    From: $3.00

    Bla-zing HOT HOT!

    These small nuggets are loved for their BLAZING HOT taste! They are cooked in several spices but the cayenne is what will set your mouth on fire. The reddish hue hints at their spiciness. If you are someone who gobbles up ghost peppers then you might not be impressed, but most people who like a little spice will be fond of these.

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  • Spicy Zels

    From: $3.00


    These small pretzel twists are coated in a mixture of seasonings including a generous dose of garlic which we all know is good for us! They are guaranteed to give your mouth an awakening. Enjoy their spicy kick. But don’t worry—they’re not too hot. Look out–we challenge you to eat just one! (Breath mints not included but are suggested!)

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    From: $3.00

    Sweet and Sweet!

    A mixture of cinnamon and sugar fills the nooks and crannies of these waffle shaped pretzels.  You’ll think you’re eating cinnamon toast so it is the perfect snack when your sweet tooth cries out. Try some as a mid-morning snack with a cup of coffee or tea. Or as an after dinner treat. As a matter of fact, these are ZEL-icious all day long. One of our most popular flavors for sure.


    From: $3.00

    Fruit Loops on a Stick!

    This is how a customer described our new flavor and we had to agree! These thin sticks are first given a kick of orange and lime then glazed with maple syrup during the cooking process. Yes, we hear “That’s just weird” a lot, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You’ve never had anything like this—it’s a true culinary surprise!  You’ll be eating them by the handful before you know it. Delicious.

    Recommended Pairing: We have two favorites: Mango Chutney by Cherry Hill Sundries and Nutella


    From: $3.00

    Sweet and Savory!

    Before being drizzled with honey, these pretzel braids are cooked in a myriad of spices. The result is a mouthful that explodes with a flavor that you’ve probably never tasted before. Honey Gla-Zels are definitely unique. We think it’s the perfect sweet and savory treat—and so do a lot of our bars and restaurants. They like to mix these with the Bla-Zels.


    From: $3.00

    Sweet and bourbon-y!

    You can now munch your cocktail. We’ve combined the sweetness of a sugar coating with a touch of bourbon on these pretzel twists. They are out of this world. And being a Kentucky Proud business, it’s about time we had a Bourbon item on our menu! So pour yourself a Kentucky Bourbon drink, tear open a bag and savor!  You’ll be a happy camper.


  • Party Size – 4 lb. Bulk


    No frills packaging….Just ZEL-icious pretzels!

  • Big Party 6 Pack

    , $65.00

    6 (1 LB) bags of each of six flavors.

  • Football Party / Tailgate

    , $65.00

    6 (1 LB) bags of each of six flavors + clip in a winning Football Decorative Box.

  • Party Size – 2 LB Bulk

    , $16.00

    2 LB

    No frills packaging….Just ZEL-icious pretzels!

  • The One Pounder

    , $15.00

    1 LB

    Perfect Hostess or Thank You Gift.

  • Organza Gift Bag

    , $35.00

    Great gift item!

    Six red, resealable foil bags, one of each flavor, nestled in this pretty organza bag.  (4 oz. each)