My kids love the Cinna-Zels and I’d rather pack ZELS instead of potato chips in their lunches. Do you have a large size bag that I could divide into small baggies that would be more economical?

Yes, the 2 pound bulk bag may work for you. No frills—just a large bag with lots of pretzels that you can repackage easily. (But you might want to order two bags in case you eat one all by yourself!)

I’d like to give ZELS to my employees and clients. Do you have corporate gifts?

You bet! We do KILLER gifts. Contact us and we can discuss what you’d like and we’ll work within your budget.

I live near Covington, KY. May I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

Yes! Our hours vary and we’ll find a mutually convenient time for you to stop by.

My son has an allergy to nuts. Do you manufacture with nuts?

No. We use soybean oil. There are no nuts in any of our products.

I own a shop and I’ve tasted your pretzels before. I’d like to sell ZELS to my customers. Do you sell wholesale?

YES! We are in hundreds of stores and would love to send you wholesale pricing information. Send me an email through the “Contact US” section or at